Affiliate Program

Welcome to The Kyokushin Way's Affiliate Network!

Our affiliate network is free to join and requires no technical knowledge to implement. An affiliate program is a basic partnership, where outside parties assist in promoting a website. In exchange for your help getting the word out about the The Kyokushin Way book we have here at, we will share with you a commission of 20% of any sale you direct our way.  

How Does It Work?

Once you join our affiliate network, you will be given access to a dashboard with links that you can post on your website. These links are tracked by our affiliate software using common software cookies, which remember a visitor for 60 days after coming to our website. If they come back and make a purchase during this time, the software should recognize them and credit you for the purchase. 

Real-Time Statistics and Reporting

The affiliate software credits your account automatically. You don't have to do anything but get the word out. Login at any time to check your sales, traffic, commission totals, and next payout.

Share our Kyokushin passion 

One of the hardest part of our project "The Kyokushin Way" is to reach all Kyokushin karatekas around the world, and let them know that there is this great manga textbook. We believe the best way to achieve our goal is that we have to convince all Dojos, Shihans, Senseis and Senpais of our vision. 

Share and recommend that book to your students and we will be successful! You're probably already eager to tell others about it. Why not get paid while doing it?

Join our affiliate program now: REGISTER HERE!