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The Kyokushin Way

Karate manga textbook for all fighters!

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The Kyokushin Way: An educating technique guide combined with a stunning Japanese manga story!

"Wouldn't it be great to have an educating kyokushin textbook for your karate students...

a typical japanese manga which guides you through the techniques and philosophy of Kyokushin?"


Wouldn't it be great to have an educating kyokushin textbook for your karate students?

I am sure, you will love it!

A motivating story about with all the details you know from your training sessions.

Follow me, Akira Yamamoto, on my way from a beginner until an experienced fighter. Read about my training, graduation tests, tournaments, ups and downs, transformation to a real karateka and how i achieve a spirit of perseverance!

In each book you can see how i learn the techniques for the next grading test, starting with the 10. Kyu and going forward to become a Shodan.

But there are different Syllabus!!!

Yes, i know!

But at the end of the day, every Kyokushin fighter has learned the same techniques and it doesn't matter how he is organized ...IKO, WKO, IFK, KWU...

One World One Kyokushin!

So, let me tell you exactly what you will get!

Another boring encyclopedia in my library?

No! The ultimate focus of these textbooks is to create the perfect teaching guide where everybody, no matter what age, can look up for the Kyokushin blocks, stances, kicks, punches, behaviour and philosophy. There will be at least eleven books for the first ten graduation tests and one for the 1. Dan test. A good accompany and a help for all questions. It helps you learning the techniques and recall them by reading the story and using them in training.

A great present for my Karate Kids!

Oh yes, that's a very special point that I have to address!

The young fighters will love these books, because on the one hand, their own experiences will reflect and on the other hand they can use it as a teaching book. My story will motivate them to prepare for the next belt and reach the next level. By the manga they will learn the names of the techniques more easily and in an interesting way.

Doesn't it sound great?

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The first book for the 10. Kyu...

Here you can see me starting with my Kyokushin training, i am learning how to behave in the Dojo, what is Kyokushin about and what are its effective techniques. The trainer and other students give me the chance to be a part of the Kyokushin family.

Preparing for the 10. Kyu!

  • What is Kyokushin?
  • What is the meaning of Osu?
  • Who is the founder of Kyokushin?
  • Dojo etiquette!

What else can we expect from this book?

This book will also explain and show detailed descriptions of the techniques for each graduation, similar to the classic illustrated encyclopedias you already know, but now in a new modern way!

The techniques for the 10. Kyu:

  • How to tie the belt?
  • Seiza
  • Yoi Dachi
  • Fudo Dachi
  • Zenkutsu Dachi
  • Oi Tsuki
  • Morote Tsuki
  • Gedan Barai
  • Jodan Uke
  • Hiza Geri
  • Kin Geri

And of course there will be the part nobody wants to miss:
the conditioning and finally the KUMITE!

All of this is integrated in a motivating manga story which will guide you through eleven books till the 1. Dan graduation!

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Behind The Kyokushin Way!

The vision of a Kyokushin Karate teaching book arose years ago in 2012, where Bernhardt & Natalia Müller, the main authors of The Kyokushin Way, thought it would be a great idea to create a more interesting and educating variation of the old classic Karate textbooks. Developing something new, especially for the junior fighters. A project where both of them put their passion for Kyokushin Karate and more than 15 years of practical experience into one book:

Who are these two authors?

Bernhardt was born in 1986 and began his Kyokushin training in 1996 at the Honbu in Germany Berlin under the branch chief and Kyokushin founder in Germany Shihan Ingo Freier. He took part on several national and international tournaments, e.g. German Open, Dutch Open, Belgian Diamond Cup, Junior and Senior European Championship. Later he also started training the young Kyokushin fighters to learn more about being a trainer.

Natalia his wife started Kyokushin Karate in Russia in 2005 at the dojo of Sensei Evgeny Ilmov, where great fighters came from. Kyokushin Karate caught she fast and so she took part on Kata and Kumite tournaments. After moving to Germany, she goes on with her training in the same dojo as Bernhardt. She loves the idea of a manga textbook and examines it with critical perspectives on mistakes.

And who is the manga artist?

Ihabo al Azzamo is the creative manga artist and one of the best german mangaka. He has a huge portfolio and a popular YouTube Channel with more than 150k followers, where he shows his work. He is no karateka, but after drawing all these technique images, he could easily start his training.

Special thanks to our strong partner!

Timur Tayfun, a personal trainer and Kyokushin karate lover from the ancient times. He trained Kyokushin himself many years ago at the Honbu in Germany and is still excited about this sport. When he heard about our idea, he was very enthusiastic and asked us for his help. Now he is actively involved in making the book The Kyokushin Way a success!

When is the releasing date of the first books???

The releasing date of the first book is planned for Summer 2018!

Follow to always get the latest information. We are regularly posting interesting images of the making of.

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