Are You a Dojo Owner?

In most dojos all new members must pay an one time registration fee, so wouldn’t it be great to give all those new students an amazing welcome present. The Kyokushin Way manga textbook helps your students to learn more about Kyokushin before and after the official training sessions. Motivate them for the first kyu exam!

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Share Our Kyokushin Passion

One of the hardest part of our project "The Kyokushin Way" is to reach all Kyokushin karatekas around the world, and let them know that there is this great manga textbook. We believe the best way to achieve our goal is that we have to convince all Dojos, Shihans, Senseis and Senpais of our vision.

Share and recommend that book to your students and we will be successful!

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Order at least 10 books and get "The Kyokushin Way" manga for a special price! Perfect to be able to resell them to your karate students in your dojo or at any tournament!

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