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It's almost a month ago after we've published the first book. We are proud that The Kyokushin Way manga has reached so many people in the world and we have received so much positive feedback.

To give a short overview of what we are doing right now:

We are currently translating the book in Russian and will then launch it in Russia. Sensei Oleg Zakharov will be our official reseller for the Russian Federation.
After that we will start the Spanish translation, because the feedback from Spain is great! Really Amazing, Osu!
More translations are already planned but still top secret :-)

In order to continue with the next book, 8th and 7th Kyu, we need to reach even more karateka and that's why we are currently battling with Google and Facebook ads.

Overall, the project is running very well and we thank all our supporters and fans again. Keep sharing all those cool photos from the book and your dojos!!!










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