Solo Kyokushin Book Review

Miguel Báscon has published an amazing review about the Kyokushin Way, read it now:

Osu and thank you so much! 

For all who can not read Spanish, here the translation :) 

"A few days ago I came to my hands a book that had long been waiting to have, since I saw a few years ago a project on Kickstarter for fundraising in order to carry out the realization of a manga of kyokushin that in turn served study book of the passage of degrees and history of our beloved karate kyokushin.

The creators of all this project Bernhardt Müller & Natalia Müller Editor Timur Tayfun and artist Ihabo Azzamo have finally been able to carry out the project and put on sale this first volume. In this first book is presented to the story of young Akira Yamamoto in his beginnings in karate kyokushin, and his first classes mixing the story of himself with the learning of the kyokushin in his first two kyus 10 and 9.

In a very graphic way and with a pleasant manga aesthetic we can go learning the first techniques, positions and the history of the kyokushin and rare will be for none of the readers not to put on Akira's skin and remember the first classes of each of us where We started to learn the story of sosai ōyama, the label of the dojo, like tying the obi or bending our dogi for example.

The book is available in English, although the editions in Spanish and Russian are planned, it is a perfect guide for the younger generations who enter the karate kyokushin and who can have in it a good book of consultation more adapted, pleasant and graphic for the current generation.

The book is now available on Amazon, I leave you the links to several marketplaces of this well-known shopping website:




For my part, just thank the creators of the book to have provided me with a copy to read it and analyze it for all of you.
I'm looking forward to the second volume to see how Akira's story continues on his way in the kyokushin, 


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